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Alejandro Garcia-Palacios, MBA
Cafe La Fortuna
Type of Business: Premium mexican coffee boutique and producer
Major Products and Services: Fresh specialty blends; Coffee beans; Export of specialty coffee
Marketing Area: International
Years in Position: 10
Years in Profession: 30
Day-to-Day Responsibilities: Overseeing daily business operations, including the operations of two production plants in Mexico and numerous boutique coffee houses in Chicago; Directing sales initiatives, supply chain management, business development and customer relations; Serving as the company's in-house roastmaster; Providing in-field decision making, guaranteeing only the finest coffee beans are grown and roasted; Marketing the coffee and beans on an international and domestic level; Creating policies and procedures
Expertise: Logistics and transportation; Coffee production; Bean harvesting; Sales and marketing
Educational Background: MBA, University of Phoenix; Bachelor of Business Administration, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México; Diploma in Total Quality Management, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México; Ongoing Industry Training
Awards/Honors: Who's Who of Professionals (2000)
Philanthropy: Pro-Bono Consultant, Various Coffee Growers Associations; Volunteer, Confederacion Mexicana de Productores
What do you attribute your success to? He attributes his success to his perseverance, continued pursuit of knowledge, long-term vision and passion for the field.
How did you get involved in your profession? He became involved in his profession because it is a family tradition. He is a third generation coffee grower.
Where will you be in five years? In five years, Mr. Garcia-Palacios intends to open more locations and delve deeper into ecologically friendly and sustainable production techniques. He's excited about the corporate potential in the beverage market.
Hobbies/Interests/Sports: Drinking and researching coffee; Various outdoor activities; Tennis; Golfing; Photography; Scuba diving
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